LsETH's Protocol Service Fee was reduced from 15% to 10%!


May 09 2024

Blockdaemon will launch support for Liquid Collective

Apr 11 2024

Obol Labs supports the advancement of Liquid Collective’s infrastructure

Apr 01 2024

Liquid Collective reduces Protocol Service Fee from 15% to 10%

Jan 18 2024

EigenLayer announced it will be adding restaking support for LsETH

Dec 18 2023

Liquid Collective's 2023 year in review

Dec 13 2023

BitGo launches Qualified Custody for LsETH

Dec 07 2023

Liquid Collective sets new industry benchmark with Node Operator SLAs

Dec 05 2023

Rated Labs x Liquid Collective: Introducing the first open node operator performance methodology

Nov 21 2023

Hypernative & Liquid Collective collaborate to develop industry-leading protocol threat monitoring platform

Jul 19 2023

Twinstake joins to offer institutional liquid staking

Jul 18 2023

The Liquid Collective protocol's source code is now fully public

Jul 13 2023

Rated Labs x Liquid Collective: Announcing validator performance and security standards

Jun 28 2023

Hashnote joins, launching enterprise-grade liquid staking

Jun 07 2023

Now Live: Ethereum staking withdrawals on the Liquid Collective protocol

Mar 07 2023

Now Live: ETH Liquid Staking with Liquid Collective

Jan 31 2023

Bitcoin Suisse joins Liquid Collective

Dec 08 2022

Liquid Collective Litepaper Released

Nov 28 2022

Spearbit Audit Completed Successfully

Nov 17 2022

Introducing the Slashing Coverage Program

Sep 20 2022

Alluvial Reveals Liquid Collective as Kraken Joins 🔗

Sep 20 2022

Halborn Audit Completed successfully

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