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Blockdaemon joins Liquid Collective’s active set as a Node Operator

Blockdaemon’s advanced security measures and proven performance meet enterprise-grade standards, and will expand the protocol’s resilience and diversity.

Blockdaemon joins Liquid Collective’s active set as a Node Operator

Liquid Collective is pleased to announce that Blockdaemon has joined the Liquid Collective protocol’s active set of Node Operators, supporting the network’s enterprise-grade ETH liquid staking operations alongside existing Node Operators Coinbase Cloud, Figment, and Staked.

This support deepens the collaboration with Blockdaemon following May’s announcement that Blockdaemon intends to integrate support for Liquid Staked ETH (LsETH) as a Liquid Collective Platform. Blockdaemon will also become an active member of Liquid Collective’s Node Operator Working Group, collaborating alongside other industry experts to define industry standards, benchmarks, and service level agreements (SLAs).

As the first Node Operator to join Liquid Collective’s active set since the protocol’s mainnet launch, incorporating Blockdaemon’s robust Node Operator capabilities will expand the Liquid Collective protocol's resilience and diversity. The development underscores Blockdaemon’s advanced security measures and proven performance, which meet the enterprise-grade standards of the Liquid Collective staking infrastructure.

Today, Blockdaemon’s staking operations service more than 400 institutional clients and over 175,000 validator nodes. Their extensive infrastructure covers six continents and includes over 70 points of presence in both cloud and bare metal environments, with their cloud-based nodes diversified across 10 top-tier hosting partners. Blockdaemon's commitment to security is demonstrated by their SOC2 compliant data centers and ISO 27001 certification, along with additional security best practices, such as infrastructure fortified with 70+ terabit DDoS protection. Blockdaemon has also expressed a dedication to environmental sustainability, with a commitment to only open new data centers with environmentally friendly credentials and to exclusively partner with cloud providers committed to green energy sources like wind and hydro power.

"Our addition to the Liquid Collective active set of Node Operators highlights Blockdaemon's commitment to supporting a decentralized and resilient liquid staking network, maintaining the high Node Operator standards within the Liquid Collective ecosystem with industry-leading infrastructure. We’re excited about our key role as a Node Operator, and becoming a member of Liquid Collective’s Node Operator Working Group, underscoring our enthusiasm and long term commitment for joining Liquid Collective.”

Konstantin Richter, Founder and CEO of Blockdaemon

Joining Liquid Collective’s active set allows Blockdaemon to expand its staking services, enhancing its market positioning as a leading enterprise-grade node operator. This not only broadens Blockdaemon’s operational scope but also strengthens the overall security and decentralization of the Liquid Collective protocol. By diversifying the set of Node Operators, Blockdaemon’s inclusion reduces dependency on any single entity, enhancing the protocol’s resilience against potential disruptions while improving its overall correlation risk profile.

Blockdaemon joining Liquid Collective as a Node Operator represents a pivotal step toward building a more resilient, secure, and decentralized liquid staking network. You can learn more in Blockdaemon's announcement here. For the latest news from Liquid Collective’s Node Operator Working Group, along with other Liquid Collective developments, follow Liquid Collective on X, LinkedIn, or subscribe to monthly Liquid Collective Updates here.

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