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Now you can stake without compromise.

Secure and performant by design. Transparent and distributed by nature. Liquid Collective provides the best of enterprise-grade security, distribution, liquidity, compliance, composability, and slashing coverage.

By building collaboratively with a broad and dispersed community of participants, Liquid Collective encourages innovation—tapping into diverse expertise and perspectives, driving the development of new use cases and efficient financial primitives, and powering the integration of proven solutions—so you can stake without compromise.

Liquid Collective is unlocking the next wave of liquid staking

Stake ETH to mint LsETH

Liquid Collective is a trusted and secure liquid staking standard.


With Ethereum's entrance and exit queue lengths growing, why not have the option of liquidity when you stake?


Mandatory KYC/AML for users and operators facilitates compliance.

Diversified Node Operators

Enterprise-grade infrastructure from Coinbase Cloud, Figment, and Staked includes double-signing protection and multi-region global distribution.

Slashing Coverage

Robust slashing coverage, including Nexus Mutual cover, is provided to every participant.

Secure & transparent

Multiple audits from leading security experts. See rewards and Node Operator performance with on-chain transparency.

Auto-Restaking Rewards

With LsETH, you don't have to restake. Network rewards are automatically restaked while holding LsETH.


Unlock the power of ETH liquid staking with Liquid Collective

Unlock the power of ETH liquid staking with Liquid Collective

Ethereum's activation and exit queues

Ethereum's activation and exit queues

What are Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs)?

What are Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs)?

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How does Liquid Collective compare to Lido and other liquid staking solutions?

Other liquid staking solutions have focused on the needs of crypto-native stakers but have not met the requirements of many institutional and enterprise participants. The number of liquid staking protocols solving for staker liquidity has resulted in numerous, relatively illiquid receipt tokens that can only be utilized in certain corners of web3.

Liquid Collective seeks to solve these challenges by developing a protocol that is suitable for institutional stakers and that offers deep liquidity via a unified, standardized solution. Liquid Collective's objective is for this level of liquidity to result in the protocol's receipt tokens (e.g., LsETH) being the most adopted (and thus the most useful) receipt token in web3.


Does the Liquid Collective protocol automatically restake rewards?

Yes. When Ethereum network rewards (including both consensus layer rewards and execution layer fees) are received by the Liquid Collective protocol, they are pulled into the River smart contract and automatically added to the protocol’s deposit queue. This is designed to promote operational efficiency, and is fully onchain and managed by the protocol.


What are the tax implications?

While the status of liquid staking activities under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, remains uncertain, certain market views have developed around the U.S. tax consequences of liquid staking, including the following:

  • Depositing ETH and receiving LsETH may not be deemed a taxable event. Unlike a traditional token exchange (e.g., trading ETH for another token), depositing ETH is not a token exchange. LsETH is a receipt token that evidences legal and beneficial ownership of the staked ETH.
  • Additionally, because LsETH is based on the cToken model, the accrual of network rewards may not be deemed taxable events, especially when compared to the unit incremental basis in aToken models (or standard staking) for the accrual of network rewards.

Notwithstanding the views outlined above, all liquid staking participants are strongly encouraged to consult with qualified accountants to understand tax implications of staking and liquid staking.

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Nov 21 2023

Hypernative & Liquid Collective collaborate to develop industry-leading protocol threat monitoring platform

Jul 19 2023

Twinstake joins to offer institutional liquid staking

Jul 18 2023

The Liquid Collective protocol's source code is now fully public

Jul 13 2023

Rated Labs x Liquid Collective: announcing validator performance and security standards

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