Guiding Principles

  1. Focus on the end user
    Liquid Collective aims to satisfy the needs of end users by delivering a clear, competitive, and secure value proposition.
  2. Operate with a positive sum mindset
    Liquid Collective aims to grow the pie for participants big and small through collaboration, shared purpose, and inclusivity.
  3. Uphold the highest standards
    Liquid Collective aims to meet high standards of excellence for operations and service by acting with accountability, urgency, and integrity.
  4. Embrace transparency
    Liquid Collective aims to establish a culture of openness and communication to build and maintain trust within our supported ecosystems.
  5. Foster innovation
    Liquid Collective aims to continually experiment and iterate to remain at the forefront of liquid staking.

Why Liquid Collective?

Other liquid staking solutions have focused on the needs of crypto-native stakers. In our view, current solutions have failed to meet the requirements of institutional and enterprise participants. Every new entrant to liquid staking contributes to an “alphabet soup” of representative tokens (stETH, cbETH, aETH, sETH, rETH) and the number of liquid staking protocols solving for staker liquidity has resulted in numerous, relatively illiquid receipt tokens that can only be utilized in certain corners of web3.

Liquid Collective seeks to solve these challenges by developing a protocol that is suitable for institutional stakers, and offers deep liquidity. Liquid Collective's objective is for this level of liquidity to result in the protocol's receipt tokens (e.g., LsETH) being the most adopted (and thus the most useful) receipt tokens in web3.

What is Liquid Collective?

The enterprise-grade liquid staking standard.


Liquid Collective is the secure liquid staking standard: a protocol with multi-chain capabilities designed to meet the needs of institutions, built and run by a collective of leading web3 teams including The Liquid Foundation, Alluvial, Coinbase Cloud, Figment, Kiln, Rome Blockchain Labs, Kraken, Staked, and more. Liquid Collective will be governed in a decentralized manner by a broad and dispersed community of industry participants.

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To empower global participation in securing the decentralized internet.


To collectively build the most trusted and secure liquid staking standard.


Trust, Collaboration, Excellence,
Transparency, Security, Innovation


Technology Providers

KilnKiln (ETH), AcalaAcala (DOT), BENQIRome Blockchain Labs (AVAX)

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