LsETH's Protocol Service Fee was reduced from 15% to 10%!

Introducing LsETH

For Individuals

Earn network rewards while holding LsETH. It's that simple.

LsETH is a token representing staked ETH plus network rewards.

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  • Auto-staked rewards
  • Built-in slashing coverage
  • Secure and transparent
  • Diversified node operators

For Enterprises

Simple staking integrations with LsETH

Liquid Collective's LsETH is a liquid staking token, built to meet the needs of businesses offering staking to their customers.

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  • Revenue share of rewards
  • Compliance-focused design
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Node Operator performance SLAs

How does LsETH compare?

Staking feature LsETH Other LSTs Centralized providers
Stake ETH to help secure Ethereum and earn ETH network rewards
Maintain liquidity while staking
Onchain transparency and robust diligence
Compliance-focused ecosystem
Backed by diverse leading teams for a market-neutral solution
Enterprise-grade security and performance
Stake distributed across a diversity of leading Node Operators
Direct staking model with ETH staked directly in Ethereum deposit contract

Supported platforms

Stake ETH to mint LsETH or securely custody LsETH on supported platforms.

LsETH Ecosystem Updates



What is LsETH?

LsETH is a liquid staking token (LST), a token representing staked ETH plus network rewards. When you stake ETH with Liquid Collective you mint LsETH. Your LsETH evidences that you own the staked ETH and any ETH network rewards it earns, minus any fees or penalties.

LsETH allows users to directly participate in ETH staking while also maintaining the ability to use their LsETH elsewhere in decentralized finance (DeFi), or to transfer ownership of their staked tokens by transferring their LsETH. You can think of LsETH like a token that keeps track of your staked Ethereum and its rewards in a straightforward way. Learn more about LsETH here.


What is the Protocol Conversion Rate?

The LsETH Protocol Conversion Rate is the amount of ETH for which LsETH can be redeemed, and the amount of LsETH that is minted to evidence ETH staked. The value of the Conversion Rate reflects the amount of ETH staked plus any Ethereum network staking rewards that the stake has accrued, minus any potential penalties (e.g., slashing) imposed by the network and protocol service fees. As such the Conversion Rate for LsETH is not fixed 1:1 LsETH:ETH—instead, the Conversion Rate increases over time as the underlying staked ETH accrues more rewards.

The Ethereum network determines the network rewards generated. The Liquid Collective protocol does not determine rewards and fees at its discretion. View the current Protocol Conversion Rate on Dune.


What can I do with LsETH?

    Hold LsETH and accrue ETH network rewards
    Exchange LsETH for another token
    Use LsETH as collateral to participate in a wide range of DeFi activities

Learn more about LsETH here.


Why does the value of LsETH differ from the value of ETH?

LsETH implements the cToken model, which uses a floating conversion rate to reflect the value of accrued network rewards, penalties, and fees associated with the underlying staked tokens.

Liquid Collective's Protocol Conversion Rate is the amount of ETH for which LsETH can be redeemed. The Conversion Rate is independent of the price at which ETH or LsETH may trade on the open market.

Because of the Conversion Rate, LsETH's value can change over time. Unlike some other token models where the staker receives more tokens to represent network rewards earned, with Liquid Collective's LsETH, you keep the same number of tokens as rewards are earned. Learn more about LsETH and the Protocol Conversion Rate here.

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