Liquid Collective is the enterprise-grade liquid staking standard.

Stake ETH to mint LsETH, a liquid staking receipt token representing your ownership of staked ETH plus network rewards.

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Mint LsETH

Total Deposited ETH


Protocol Conversion Rate [?]

1 LsETH =. ETH

Active Validators


Liquid Collective is a trusted and secure liquid staking standard.


With Ethereum's entrance and exit queue lengths growing, why not have the option of liquidity when you stake?


Mandatory KYC/AML for users and operators facilitates compliance.

Diversified Node Operators

Enterprise-grade infrastructure from Coinbase Cloud, Figment, and Staked includes double-signing protection and multi-region global distribution.

Slashing Coverage

Robust slashing coverage, including Nexus Mutual cover, is provided to every participant.

Secure & transparent

Multiple audits from leading security experts. See rewards and Node Operator performance with on-chain transparency.

Auto-Restaking Rewards

With LsETH, you don't have to restake. Network rewards are automatically restaked while holding LsETH.

Now offering LsETH custody


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What is the Protocol Conversion Rate?

The LsETH Protocol Conversion Rate is the amount of ETH for which LsETH can be redeemed, and the amount of LsETH that is minted to evidence ETH staked. The value of the Conversion Rate reflects the amount of ETH staked plus any Ethereum network staking rewards that the stake has accrued, minus any potential penalties (e.g., slashing) imposed by the network and protocol service fees. As such the Conversion Rate for LsETH is not fixed 1:1 LsETH:ETH—instead, the Conversion Rate increases over time as the underlying staked ETH accrues more rewards.
The Ethereum network determines the network rewards generated. The Liquid Collective protocol does not determine rewards and fees at its discretion. View the current Protocol Conversion Rate on Dune.


What is the Protocol Service Fee?

The Liquid Collective protocol charges a service fee set at 15.0% of network rewards. Liquid Collective's service fee is split amongst Node Operators, Integrators, Tech Providers, the protocol's Slashing Coverage Treasury, and the Liquid Collective DAO which comprises a broad and dispersed community of protocol participants. All service fees are distributed in LsTokens, which are the native receipt tokens of the protocol (e.g. LsETH).


How can I learn more about the protocol's security, audits, policies, and risks?

Liquid Collective aims to meet high standards of excellence for operations and service by acting with accountability, urgency, and integrity. We recognize the importance of protecting participants' security when using the protocol, and understand that security is primordial to maintaining participants' trust. Learn more on our dedicated Diligence page.

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