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Blockdaemon will launch support for Liquid Collective

In addition to Blockdaemon’s Platform integration, LsETH will become the exclusive liquid staking solution in the Blockdaemon Wallet product.

Blockdaemon will launch support for Liquid Collective

Blockdaemon, the institutional-grade digital asset infrastructure provider, is integrating Liquid Collective's ecosystem into the Blockdaemon platform, becoming one of the leading web3 teams contributing to the enterprise-grade liquid staking protocol. In addition to supporting Liquid Staked ETH (LsETH) minting, redemption, and custody, LsETH will be integrated as the exclusive liquid staking solution in the Blockdaemon Wallet product.

Blockdaemon’s security and compliance-first standards for institutional liquid staking are closely aligned with Liquid Collective’s progress in representing a distributed liquid staking standard that meets the compliance and security needs of enterprises and institutions.

Blockdaemon is expanding and deepening its commitment to the ecosystem, and continuing to support the overall growth of broad participation in securing Ethereum. As part of this focus, Blockdaemon will be offering LsETH as a composable and diversified liquid staking solution for its institutional clients, will be sunsetting its Portara liquid staking product, and intends to join Liquid Collective’s active set as a Node Operator.

With this LsETH integration, Blockdaemon’s customers, who include exchanges, custodians, financial institutions, and other crypto native and non-native platforms, can access a secure, compliance-focused, and trusted liquid staking token (LST). Liquid staking through the Liquid Collective protocol will be offered as part of Blockdaemon’s integrated business solutions, which include node operations, APIs, staking solutions, and wallet services.

"Our integration into the Liquid Collective ecosystem underscores Blockdaemon's dedication to advancing staking solutions, especially tailored to the rigorous liquid staking requirements of institutional and enterprise clients. We’re thrilled about our crucial role as a Node Operator, and the frictionless minting and redemption services for Liquid Staked ETH (LsETH). Our decision to make LsETH the exclusive liquid staking solution within the Blockdaemon Wallet strongly reflects our commitment and enthusiasm for joining the Liquid Collective," said Konstantin Richter, Founder and CEO of Blockdaemon.

“As a leader in institutional crypto services, Blockdaemon’s support for LsETH and commitment to the ecosystem is a major milestone towards the realization of Liquid Collective’s vision to bring the best teams in the space together to build the industry standard for staking. Our team at Alluvial is thrilled to collaborate with Blockdaemon alongside the other industry leaders building and operating the Liquid Collective, to foster the overall growth and maturity of the PoS ecosystem,” said Mara Schmiedt, CEO and Co-Founder of Alluvial, a team supporting Liquid Collective’s development.

Blockdaemon services clients including Blockchange, Plaid, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, B2C2 and more, and has the backing of investors such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Softbank Vision Fund, ARK Invest, Salesforce Ventures, and others. With infrastructure spanning six continents and over 70 points of presence in cloud and bare metal, ISO 27001 certification, and SOC2-compliant data centers worldwide, Blockdaemon’s commitment to providing its customers with the confidence to quickly and easily scale without compromising security or compliance is closely aligned with Liquid Collective’s mission to provide the secure and trusted liquid staking standard.

Blockdaemon’s clients will be able to seamlessly mint and redeem LsETH directly from their Blockdaemon account, where they can also custody their LsETH. By doing so, the users will be able to participate in liquid staking with a product that meets the needs of institutions and enterprises, including known counterparties and compliance checks, with composability and optionality across the web3 ecosystem.

This strategic integration will broadly expand institutional access to Liquid Collective’s ETH liquid staking solution, supporting Liquid Collective’s aim to provide a decentralized approach to enterprise-grade liquid staking while also promoting standardization and composability. To stay up-to-date on the latest developments in Blockdaemon’s integration, subscribe to monthly Liquid Collective Updates here, or follow Liquid Collective on X or LinkedIn.

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About Liquid Collective

Liquid Collective is the trusted and secure liquid staking standard: a protocol designed to meet the needs of enterprises, built and run by a collective of leading web3 teams. |

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