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Hypernative & Liquid Collective collaborate to develop industry-leading protocol threat monitoring platform

Hypernative’s premier security monitoring platform will proactively identify and mitigate risks to the network, providing holistic liquid staking security.

Hypernative & Liquid Collective collaborate to develop industry-leading protocol threat monitoring platform

Hypernative, a web3 real-time security prevention platform, and Liquid Collective, the secure liquid staking standard, are announcing a collaboration to develop an advanced protocol threat monitoring platform, elevating the security and observability of Liquid Collective's network while addressing staking risks.

Hypernative's innovative platform will enhance Liquid Collective’s monitoring capabilities, extending beyond simple transaction tracking to include comprehensive transaction analysis, anomaly detection, and proactive threat identification. This integration is pivotal in monitoring and analyzing various risks, ranging from transactional to financial, including critical multisig operations.

Network attacks and protocol risks can be identified before they happen by analyzing on and offchain data in real time using Hypernative’s monitoring solutions, then connecting these detections to automated actions which can prevent them. This monitoring approach addresses various risks, including:

  • Smart contract bugs and manipulation attacks
  • Private key theft and operational multisig risks
  • Malicious governance proposals
  • Other customized risks as developed with Liquid Collective, leveraging an extensive library of self-defined monitoring templates including general threat intelligence and staking risks

The partnership will leverage Hypernative's expertise in various risk categories, including custom detection agents that monitor onchain events in real time. Additionally, Hypernative's capabilities in staking-related risk management, based on real-time beacon chain and validator monitoring, will complement Liquid Collective's existing security measures, providing a holistic risk detection and response system.

“This collaboration between Liquid Collective and Hypernative is a testament of dedication to providing unparalleled security within the liquid staking ecosystem,” said Mehdi Bechiri, Director of SRE at Alluvial, a team supporting Liquid Collective’s development. “Hypernative's real-time monitoring and threat prevention solutions will play a crucial role in managing risk for Liquid Collective's protocol contracts and multisig wallets, providing a fortified defense against diverse attack vectors. We’re excited to collaborate with Hypernative to support Liquid Collective by enhancing and expanding the network’s security capabilities.”

“At Hypernative, we are always happy to partner with teams that value and prioritize user and funds safety. We believe this collaboration, with the professional team at Alluvial, will redefine the standard of detecting and mitigating risks for liquid staking protocols and we are excited to start working with the team” said Gal Sagie, CEO of Hypernative.

The teams will together define a risk plan for Liquid Collective's smart contracts, multisig wallets, and other relevant components utilizing Hypernative’s real-time monitoring and threat prevention solution. Hypernative also supports other risk tooling that will be utilized by Liquid Collective, such as custom detection agents that can monitor and alert for any generic or specific onchain event, in real time and on a block-level of granularity.

This approach will help to detect various protocol attack vectors, providing end-to-end protection from manipulation or malicious activity. The teams supporting Liquid Collective’s development will define these to track various operational and performance risks, and can then connect these detections into automated actions meant to prevent and mitigate the risks.

You can learn more about Hypernative and Liquid Collective’s collaboration in Hypernative’s announcement. To stay up-to-date with Liquid Collective’s continued protocol security initiatives and updates, follow Liquid Collective on X or subscribe to monthly Liquid Collective Updates.

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