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Newsletter 004

This month's latest from Liquid Collective includes a groundbreaking milestone for the Liquid Collective protocol, upcoming community AMA, seamless integrations, and more.

Newsletter 004

Congratulations to the entire Liquid Collective community on this week's LsETH redemption launch: the contracts allowing stakers to redeem LsETH for ETH via the Liquid Collective protocol are now live. This milestone represents months of development across some of the industry's top staking teams.

To learn more about the LsETH redemption design, join your favorite host, Mr. X, for a community ETH staking withdrawals AMA with members of the Alluvial and Kiln teams: Thursday June 15th at 11:30 AM ET / 5:30 PM CET on Liquid Collective's Twitter, Youtube, or LinkedIn pages. You can find the information to join here.

Read on for the latest news, data, and resources from Liquid Collective! Although, Mr. X would probably purrfur if you watched the recap on Youtube instead.

Liquid Collective's Latest

Now live: Ethereum staking withdrawals on the Liquid Collective protocol

LsETH redemptions have been deployed

The contracts allowing stakers to redeem LsETH for ETH via the Liquid Collective protocol are now live, marking a significant step forward for the protocol's liquidity and capital efficiency.

By design, Liquid Collective's automatic staking of consensus and execution layer network rewards increases the protocol's staking efficiency by maximizing the number of validators in the active set, removing the pain point of manually automating this process for stakers. Seamless redemptions of LsETH for ETH are enabled by Liquid Collective's ETH deposit and redemption buffers, allowing flows in and out of the protocol to be managed efficiently between Ethereum's execution and consensus layers.

Learn more about the ETH staking withdrawal implementation in our post, or in the Alluvial team's press release. For a deep-dive join our virtual event on Thursday, or check out the technical documentation here.

Integrating Liquid Collective: how exchanges can unleash the full potential of liquid staking

Easily integrate the liquid staking protocol built for enterprises

Liquid Collective was designed for seamless integration with retail exchanges. As a non-custodial liquid staking protocol built for performance and risk management, Liquid Collective can offer retail participants both liquidity and peace of mind—without cannibalizing exchanges' bottom line.

Wondering how that works? We cover the key advantages that Liquid Collective can offer retail exchanges in our latest post.


ETH withdrawals AMA

Community AMA: LsETH Redemptions Thursday June 15th, 2023 at 11:30 AM ET / 5:30 PM CET

  • Join Liquid Collective for a live community AMA with members of the Alluvial and Kiln teams to discuss LsETH redemptions and Ethereum withdrawals on the protocol.
  • Set a reminder to join today, or, tune in live on Thursday on Liquid Collective's Twitter, Youtube, or LinkedIn pages. The information to join is here.

News from the Collective & Ecosystem Updates

  • Liquid staking tokens are the talk of the town, with the LST-based DeFi ecosystem starting to heat up around what’s being cited as a $17b market opportunity. Learn more in The Defiant's coverage. .
  • Ethereum's activation queue rose to over 44 days this week, another spike in demand after crypto lender Celsius deposited $800m ETH to staking contracts. Read about it in CoinDesk.
  • Staked released their Q2 “State of Staking” report, leading with a “sharp rebound” for crypto in addition to increased demand for ETH staking. Read it here.
  • Citing institutional demand, Coinbase announced “Institutional-sized Bitcoin and Ether futures contracts,” accessible through third-party institutional futures commission merchants (FCMs) and brokers. Read the announcement here.
  • Rated announced the launch of their Self Report API, a tool for Node Operators to push their validator indices directly to the Rated Explorer for performance visibility and more. Learn about it in Rated's announcement.
  • IOSG Ventures published a research thesis on Ethereum liquid staking and the potential they see for a dynamic, competitive landscape. Including Liquid Collective as a solution targeting user differentiation, you can learn more in their post.

Catching up with Mr.X

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