Video: “ETH withdrawals AMA”

Watch the recap of Liquid Collective's live community AMA with members of the Alluvial and Kiln teams answering questions about LsETH redemptions and Ethereum withdrawals on June 15th.

Panelists included

  • Nicolas Maurice · CTO, Alluvial
  • Matt Leisinger · CPO, Alluvial
  • Matt Ketmo · Engineer, Kiln
  • Zied Brini · Delivery Director, Alluvial
  • Daniel Kastensson · Lead Golang Engineer, Alluvial
  • Josh Siverson · Senior Solutions Architect, Alluvial

Hosted by Liquid Collective's Mr. X

Please note

LsETH users may still be subject to slashing losses. If slashing losses were to occur, they would be socialized pro rata for all LsETH user's starting with earned but unredeemed network rewards.

Liquid staking via the Liquid Collective protocol and using LsETH involves significant risks. You should not enter into any transactions or otherwise engage with the protocol or LsETH unless you fully understand such risks and have independently determined that such transactions are appropriate for you.

Any discussion of the risks contained herein should not be considered to be a disclosure of all risks or a complete discussion of the risks that are mentioned. The material contained herein is not and should not be construed as financial, legal, regulatory, tax, or accounting advice.

Video: “ETH withdrawals AMA”
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